Sawa Spotlight Collection 001 x Rayouf Alhumedhi

November 24, 2022

Company: Sawa Impact Labs

Supply: 2000


The Sawa Spotlight Collection showcases inspiring creators from around the world for one-time, special-edition works of art.

Rayouf is our first featured creator for this collection. An entrepreneur and product designer, she is the creator of the Hijab Emoji Project, which successfully pushed for digital representation for millions of Muslim women. This piece, aptly titled “Don’t Be Bland,” pays homage to the variety of sauces used by people around the world to season their food – and the memories that these sauces have created for Rayouf, whose upbringing introduced her to the joy of sharing meals with friends from across cultures. It is available for FREE MINT beginning this Thanksgiving (11.24.22) for all those who follow @sawagallery on Twitter.

About Sawa: Sawa is a community centered on beautiful works by the most inspiring creators across the globe, from Ghanian visual artists to Ukrainian fashion designers to Yemeni artisans and beyond. Members get exclusive access to artwork, handcrafted products, events, and world-class storytelling from artists and brands with authentic tales to tell – about themselves, their communities, and about their cultures. Visit our website to learn more about our membership NFT launching in early 2023.

Added November 23, 2022