Science of Blockchain Conference – Stanford

August 29, 2022

Company: Stanford University

Price: Free

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The science of Blockchain Conference brings together practitioners and researchers in the blockchain ecosystem. The conference focuses on technical innovations in the blockchain space. It brings together researchers and practitioners in the space.

Science of Blockchain Conference
Attendees at the previous Science of Blockchain Conference
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When and Where

Science of Blockchain Conference will be running from August 29 to 30, 2022 at Stanford, CA. nevertheless, the conference is a free-to-attend event. It is focusing on technical innovations in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as bringing together researchers and practitioners working in the space. This is to improve the security and scalability of blockchain deployments.

Science of Blockchain Conference Aim

The aim of the conference is to foster collaboration among practitioners and researchers. These are ones working on blockchain protocol development, cryptography, as well as distributed systems. This also includes secure computing, crypto-economics, and economic risk analysis.

Attending remotely: The talks will be streamed live and the recordings will be made available after the conference. More information to come.

COVID Protocol on Campus:   All attendees will need to complete a Daily COVID-19 Health Attestation where you attest to either being fully vaccinated or have tested negative for COVID within 72 hours prior to being on campus. Attendees arriving from an international location will need to be aware of U.S. travel policies and how that will impact activities on campus.


Location: Stanford, CA, USA

Number of Attendees: 500+

Ticket Prices: Free

Participants, Speakers, Panelists: There will be global speakers present ranging from CEOs to Investors as well as creatives in the crypto world.

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