November 15, 2021

Company: SCP NFT


• Team Size – 4
• Mint Date – 14-15 of November, Stealth Mint
• Mint Supply – 1333
• Mint Price – 0.33 SOL
• DAO (20% royalties) & Swapping floor price (80% from royalties & 20% from initial sale)
• Our final aim is to create Multiplayer Voice Role Play Game
• Marketplace – we want to list on MagicEden

SCP Foundation NFT – more than just an NFT. We want to make Strong community and and attract new people to the SCP Fandom. To achieve this, our ultimate goal is to make an Online Role Play Game with voice chat and support of 1000 people (with the ability to port your character directly into the game and play only the role you have as at NFT). should be good.

Added November 13, 2021