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Seoul Stars NFT Drop

November 12, 2021

Company: Seoul Stars

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Introducing the metaverse’s first ever virtual KPOP artist: Yuna

Designed by leading Korean K-pop artist agency, HUMAP, with input from famous K-pop stars, Yuna will release her own album and host virtual concerts across the world. Just like BTS and BlackPink, Yuna is going to take the world by storm.

Minting 12th of November, 5pm UTC at 0.1 ETH

Fans will own a one-of-a-kind scarce digital asset which will yield royalties from Yuna’s future albums, concerts, and sponsorships, and exclusive access to private performances. Lucky fans will be able to provide input into the lyrics of Yuna’s songs and participate in vocal training from a famous K-pop song producer.

Holders will get:

10% of profit on Yuna’s first album, distributed quarterly
10% of profit for Yuna’s first 5 concerts as well as free access, distributed quarterly
5% of Yuna advertising and streaming profits, distributed on a quarterly basis
Exclusive access to Yuna albums
Whitelist access to mint Yuna’s song NFT once completed in 2022

Added October 30, 2021