Sharkz NFT Genesis Collection Drop

August 15, 2022

Company: Sharkz Entertainment | Sharkz NFT

Price: 7777 ETH

Supply: 7777

Source Link

Welcome to Sharkz Entertainment — an ocean-themed brand3 in the metaverse built and sustained by our community of web3 surfers. Pun intended. We invite you to be a part of this journey by building alongside us.

This project is rooted in our love and enthusiasm for the vast blue sea. Upon our search of an all-encompassing ocean-themed metaverse to no avail, we decided to build our own ecosystem for web3 users.

Introducing our Sharkz NFT genesis collection — a 7,777 collectibles NFT project centered around community, adventure, and collaboration. Each curated Sharkz will reside on the Ethereum blockchain with a unique combination of traits. Holding a Sharkz will grant you membership and privilege to both the physical and digital world.

Finz up! And keep surfing the web3 waves together!🏄

Added June 17, 2022