Sk8ers: First 3D animated Skateboard NFT Collection

January 10, 2022

Company: Sk8ers NFT

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Got steez? Welcome home. We are offering a limited NFT collection of 8,888 3D animated Sk8ers. Each one of them has a unique combination of trick, style and environment. We aim at unifying the first skateboard community in the NFT space with a totally unique collection. Buying a Sk8er costs 0.08 ETH.

We are one of the first project to offer a complex 3D animated avatar! We believe it’s very special and unique.

Q1: The Sk8ers Games (in real life!) – During Q1 we’d like to launch real life activations with the community. Among other things, we are talking about the biggest amateur skateboarding competition in the world, with prizes and sponsors that will make professional competitions look like the am’ ones as we know them at the moment.
Free NFT drop (mint pass) for holders in Q1

Q2 : Tokenomics – By holding your Sk8er, we want you to automatically earn SK8ERS DIMES, an ERC-20 token, that will give you multiple options and perks in a near future.

Q3: Video game – With our professional background in the video game industry, we are already having discussion about developing a Sk8ers game. The SK8ERS DIMES will unleash all their power in that new interactive environment.

When you buy a Sk8er, you automatically get the 3D animated Sk8er as the NFT and a downloadable profile pic of your avatar. Every Sk8er is unique and randomly generated from a pool of more than 200+ different traits. They all got style, but some are cooler and rarer than others. Sk8ers are priced at a flat rate of 0.08 ETH.

We have hand created 8 badass Ape Sk8ers which will be the rarest Sk8ers in the collection. At minting, in every lot of 1111 Sk8ers, an Ape Sk8er will be randomly released, for a total of 7 Apes. The last one is being saved by the team for future events.

Note that 100 Sk8ers have been reserved for giveaways in future competitions, airdrops and more members-only benefits. The remainder of the Sk8ers are all for sale.

The Sk8ers will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS (that means the Sk8ers will live forever).

Added January 4, 2022