Slobber Crew NFT Drop

November 4, 2021

Company: Red Dirt Labs LLC

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Slobber Crew is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated, jowly dog collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. These puppers can’t wait to come home with you!

Inspired by great danes and celebrating all big, goofy, jowly dogs, these collectible dogs were all hand-drawn by a professional artist in the Red Dirt Labs collective. Our team’s engineer has over 25 years of experience in software; he built a strong contract to support the collection!

24 Hour private Pre-Sale will begin November 4th, and Public Sale will begin November 5th, 2021. Slobber Crew will be available to mint on the Red Dirt Labs website, and on OpenSea for resale after minting completes.

Slobber Crew NFTs are available at 0.05 ETH + gas per token. Up to 40 may be purchased in one transaction. There will be 10,000 completely unique dogs, hand drawn from over 150 unique traits, and then randomly generated so that no two are alike!

[40 NFTs will be held in reserve. 30 of the reserve will be distributed in promotional giveaways & as holder rewards. 10 are reserved for the project team.]

Holders of Slobber Crew are eligible for many rewards and benefits, outlined in our roadmap below. We will also be donating to a charity benefiting animals. The Slobber Crew community will select the charity.

Slobber Crew Roadmap:

25% minted
Unlock VIP area in Discord for giveaways & social events exclusive to Slobber Crew holders.
Airdrop 10 Slobber Crew NFTs to 10 random Slobber Crew holders (1 NFT each).

50% minted
Build member exclusive merchandise store.

75% minted
Make a donation to a charity benefiting animals. Charity will be selected by a Slobber Crew holder community vote.

100% minted
Add Rarity tools.
List Slobber Crew on OpenSea for trading.
Develop companion / special edition NFT collections exclusive to Slobber Crew holders.

Added November 3, 2021