Solana Bastards Drop

May 20, 2022

Company: Solana Bastards

Price: 0.49 SOL

Supply: 2500

Source Link

Solana Bastards is a NFT project that provides; Passive income with staking, play to earn mechanic, thrilling lore, huge and well designed map and fun gameplay. There will be 2,500 Solana Bastards living on Solana Blockchain. Their main goal is to capture the Saints City at all costs!

Solana Bastards is a RPG style play to earn NFT game! The game will provide weekly map contests, tasks that you can earn $GANG token, fun and high quality gameplay and much more! To learn more about our game, keep scrolling! Also with staking and passive income benefits we are aiming to be the most community focused project on Solana Ecosystem. For making it possible we want our community to be active on our project so can develop it all together.

Added May 10, 2022