SolAngel NFT Drop

July 10, 2022

Company: SolAngel

Price: 3.33 SOL

Supply: 3333

Source Link

SolAngel is here to build a first-of-its-kind Metaverse, with an Auction House implemented within it, enabling transaction-through interaction from the Metaverse itself. Plans to bridge the gap between Web2 E-Commerce and Web3 Metaverse, to build a platform that enables blockchain transactions within the Metaverse for real-world companies to expand their B2C into Web3.

Mauve Beau Tech Solutions team has a deep background in computer science, programming languages, engineering, solidity and the blockchain. With real-world business experience in ICOs as entrepreneurs, technologists and digital architects. Mauve Beau embraces people from various cultures and loves diversity.

– Fully Doxxed team by AlphaLabs VeriFi
– 3333 Genesis Supply
– PFP Quality Art with Anime Touch
– Secured Partnership Collaboration with Mauve Beau Tech Solutions
– Built on Solana Chain

Added June 29, 2022