SolBettas Drop

December 25, 2022

Company: SolAquaria

Price: 1 SOL

Supply: 5555


Hey! Hope you are doing awesome! I wanted to invite you to join SolAquaria!
While we were slowly melting on the sofa, there it is, from the aquarium right in front of us, a lonely fish jumps out trying to escape. After the general panic, trying to re-catch it and throw it in the water, someone utters “Well, maybe the aquarium is a little on the tight side!”.
This is how Solaquaria was born, from the desire to give a home to a big fish in a little tank
Solaquaria is a project founded on different passions.
Of course, at first, there’s them: aquariums, fishes and their silent but strong impact they have on human beings.
On the other side, games.
In the era of metaverses we became addicted to the fact that we could create a new World, bringing the fish-tusiastic experience to the next level.

SolBettas is our first collection, consisting of 5555 NFTs of the solitary animal, which we have decided to entrust to someone who can give it a value. Our nerdy artist Escalor creates every BETTA in the middle of the night, getting inspired by a cup of coffee and by the stars. Could he be a vampire? This remains a mystery, but to create the BETTAs he uses Photoshop, starting with a predefined layout and adding special details and features to make various combinations. Some BETTAs are the result of crazy ideas of the team that Escalor makes!

Here a few dope info about SolAquaria aand future SolBettas holders:
-PvE & P2E Aquaverse with Breeding and Aquarium Builder tools
-1st NFT: SolBettas are so cute! FREE NFT airdrop for holders!
-Royalties shared with the community, charity, and free merch
-500 easy-to-reach Whitelist spots for our most active members! (be quick, they are filling soon.
-$100/week lottery for WL members!
We have almost 7K members in our community, and would love you to join too!

Added June 15, 2022