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SolMandalas ⚡️ The Glitch Collection Drop

January 28, 2022

Company: SolMandalas

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SolMandalas are a collection of 2,495 beautiful geometric artworks that animate in real time, and are influenced live by the Sun! The artworks enhance meditation and bring calm & positive energy to NFT collections. Each SolMandala includes its own unique & legible code so collectors can see how they are made. The project team are doxxed and work together in the real world.

The Glitch Collection is our 4th drop of highly-specialised SolMandalas, which will include 70 NFTs for 1 SOL each, and are some of the rarest SolMandalas we’ve made!

Join our calm NFTs ♡

Date: 28th Jan @ 2pm UTC
Price: 1 Sol
Supply: 70

Added January 20, 2022