Sons of Solana Mint Date

July 3, 2022

Company: Sons of Solana

Price: 1.5 SOL

Supply: 5555

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SONS of SOLANA is a collection of 5,555 deflationary PFP avatars in a NFT format.
Each PFP has been carefully created and generated using algorithms to ensure its uniqueness.

With Over 9 million possible variations they are truly unique and in each and every way!

SONS main purposes that are fundamental to the project:

– Creating real world ventures that generates revenues.
– Providing growth through Investments and Incubations.
– The establishment of the DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation).
– Building the community through projects v project collaborations.

SONS Ventures & Investments
1. NFT Rug Cover. (Which will be offered through a separate NFT based cover)
2. Solana Investment & Crypto Diversification. (Funds generated from Minting will be reinvested in investment strategies such as validator staking.
3. NFT Project Incubation. (Purchasing of project that are up and coming and projects that have highly utilisable tools which are beneficial to holders and the project)
4. Unveiling of SONS lifestyle competitions in 2023 (skill based game which will was originally planned as our primary Venture but has been sidelined. This is to ensure we put our full efforts into the NFT cover and client portal).

Royalties is set at 10% for all secondary sales.

Royalties Distribution:
70% of all royalties collected will go towards community DAO.
30% of all royalties collected will go towards team development and salaries.

Profit Distributions:
70% – Community DAO
30% – Project Team & Development

Staking mechanism working in tandem with our holders lottery where holders will be able to win prizes such as:

●Tech Gifts
●Events Tickets

Plus more!

Benefits to holders:

– Staking
– Reducing Supply
– Floor mechanisms to create demand
– Holders Lottery
– Airdrops

Added May 3, 2022