Space Bastard Free Mint

August 12, 2022

Company: Space Bastard

Supply: 6666


Hey Ya! I’m a space bastard who explores the galaxy in my washing machine! Braaahh! In August, I will fly to your damn Earth and arrange an apocalypse there!!! Where does Elon Musk live, do you know? If you know, tweet me how to find it and very soon I will devour it! Braaah!

Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint price: free free free free brhaa free
Who : bastard list (WL) + public mint. 1 spot = 2 NFTs
Supply: 6666
When: in August, I will write the exact date on Twitter, stay tuned
Who am I: you’ll find out soon, don’t worry
In the meantime check out my roadmap and follow Twitter
Chao, braaaah

Added July 18, 2022