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SpaceDoDo Drop

January 28, 2022

Company: Spacegen

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SpaceDODO’s are an exclusive collection of 777 DODO NFT’s on the Solana blockhain . They were extinct for hundreds of years, but they will live again,
and they will show everyone that they are worth being here . The DODO’S are here to stay, and they’re all about enlarging their species to control the whole Solana blockchain!

The mint price will be 0.66 sol
The public sale supply will be 746 dodos. 20dodos will be preminted for the devs and giveaways!.

20% Of mint revenue will go towards our community and development of further processes .
50% of the royalties from the secondary marketplaces will also go into the community wallet.
20% of our mint revenue will be donated to a Charity chosen by our own community !

Every DODO owner will have several rewards like daily token airdops, a DODO egg, the DoDAO, and some secret stuff that will be revealed after the mint .
Everything is set up and ready to shoot further into space.

Check it out for yourself and join the most cosy community ever!
They’re also currently hosting some nice giveaways to win some stuff!

Added January 10, 2022