Squirrelz NFT Drop

November 15, 2021

Company: Squirrelz


The new Squirrelz NFT project is based on a story that happen on a newly discovered planet in the galaxy, filled with alien squirrels.

There are many treasures hidden on the planet waiting for excavation. Our vision is a Dapp game that plays with your Squirrelz to win/digs treasures for you. You may get a Bitcoin in the future squirrelz Dapp game!

The Squirrelz have more than 200 traits, which represent different abilities. Their abilities are the key to excavating treasures on their planet.

The more Squirrelz your own, the bigger chance to find valuable treasures.

Also, Squirrelz NFT owners can also enjoy the random airdrop prize! Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord Channel immediately!

Added November 15, 2021