Steel & Spells Minting

November 25, 2021



Welcome to Steel & Spells Multi-User Dungeon game with fully Open World. This is a text online RPG with some modern features like GUI web interface. Steel & Spells is a hobby project. With the help of Solana NFT, we hope to implement a lot of interesting mechanics for player interaction.

The access to pre-alpha version of the game will be granted before all mints.

The Gen1 Mint will consist of 6500 Backpacks – each backpack keep random in-game equipment. You can check a variety of equipment in the Glossary section on our website.
Each NFT with a Backpack can be activated in your Game Account! Your hero can be equipped with received items. If you sell the NFT in the marketplace, the equipment will also disappear from the hero. You will be able to keep certain items for yourself by redeeming them with in-game currency.

Get ready for a exciting journey!!!

Added November 15, 2021