Storm of Colors – Free Mint

January 27, 2022

Company: Cryptosaurs


Storm of Colors is a collection of 20 AI (artificial intelligence) generated NFTS. 10000 people will be able to mint one or multiple of our storms for free.

Hi there 👋 and welcome to Cryptosaurs. We’re indie NFT creators aiming to bring affordable NFTS to everyone to facilitate mass NFT adoption. We’re doing this by pledging to continue to bring low cost or even free NFTS.

To aid our goal we implemented a different strategy. We focus on inclusion rather then exclusion. We don’t aim on an ever increasing floor price 💲, instead we aim on the ability to ‘catch them all’ by making our dinosaurs affordable. Our big inspiration to this is how Pokémon cards work. They wouldn’t be the same if there was just 1 Pikachu.

Our NFTS start from just a few $ and are minted on Polygon to keep gas fees low.

Added January 20, 2022