Strange Attractors Drop

October 28, 2021

Company: Strange Attractors

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Strange Attractors is an interactive, generative art project that simulates three-dimensional, chaotic systems using nothing but an Ethereum smart contract.

The collection is composed of 4 distinct chaotic systems that each develop their own characteristic Strange Attractor. Each system contributes 128 individual pieces (= 512 in total) that visualize to a simulation thereof based on unique initial conditions (generated randomly at mint).

The contract produces the artwork by projecting the resulting three-dimensional structure onto a two-dimensional SVG canvas. Holders will be able to influence this process interactively by allowing them to freely customize many aspects, such as projection (aka the point-of-view) or coloring.

Every step in the generation of the artworks can be performed exclusively by Ethereum nodes without the need for external dependencies. This ensures that the art itself will be available as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.

Minting is preceded by a public lottery for 246 minting slots, opening on 28th October at 19:00 UTC. Visit the website or join our Discord for more information.

Mint price is 0.35eth.

Added October 27, 2021