SubUrbanColors 2nd Collection 

April 7, 2022

Company: Sub Urban Colors


SuburbanColors is a collection of 2199 pieces of cyberpunk art and utility. The goal of the collection is to provide entertainment and to reward holders as much as possible. Additionally, the collection consists of different categories of Rebels and Robots. The pieces can be obtained by mint on a given date or in OpenSea. Max 3 mints per transaction, as well as no limit per wallet.


When. and Where

SubUrbanColors 2nd Collection will be minted on April 7, 2022, on the official website. The first launch of the collection of 1024 Rebels is SOLD OUT.

The second and last launch has 1175 Robots. Currently, there is a Whitelist:

-By purchasing 1 Rebel NFT in OpenSea you are automatically whitelisted for the Robots collection.

-For big boys: by purchasing 4 Rebels in Opensea you get 2 Robots, with 8 you get 4 Robots, and with 12 you get 6 Robots.

SubUrbanColors Traits Categories

SuburbanColors is divided into 2199 humans, cyborgs, and robots. The first launch consist of 1024 NFTs made as follows:

511 NFTs of Saoirse, the Cyborg female.

510 NFTs of Syfer Klynes Harbisson, the Cyborg male.

The second launch consists of 1175 SuburbanRobots: Asimov-X, Goostman-787, as well  CRÖN-OS4ØØ, Metatron, Kasparov, S.A.M., Agent-X, as well as Commander, Alfons, Seldon-1021, and 3 legendary Robots. Whitelist is open.

Additionally, there are dozens of different categorized traits with their percentage of chances of being mint.


Creator: SubUrbanColors

Marketplace: SubUrbanColors

Blockchain: Ethereum

Added April 5, 2022