Super Ape University Public Sale

June 15, 2022

Company: Super Ape University

Price: 1 SOL

Supply: 3333


Super Ape University is a collection of 3333 Super Ape heroes and Super Ape Villains divided equally, with 40 legendary Apes crowning the power of Ape Ventura. Life will never be the same again.

Being a NFT project with the University tag, we aim to build the best metaverse education platform for all Holders. The concept of curriculum will bring in multiple of Web3 learning and job opportunities.

In our phase 2 – we will be airdropping Super Pandas to our holders, Pandas will be the new collection to our university and perks of the same will announced post mint.

The idea is build a super hero and villain of characters and add further to the collection of Super Ape University, Ape being the genesis. With new phase we will be adding more perks to holders.

Expect Comic book, collaboration, DAO, Staking, Celebrity connection and lot more

Added June 9, 2022