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Symphony Squirrels Music NFT 5th Drop

January 28, 2022

Company: Symphony Squirrels

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The ONLY music-themed squirrel collectible in the NFT Space

Symphony Squirrels is a music-themed NFT project and we partner together with various esteemed musicians from all over the world to create some of the most unique music-themed NFT collectibles out there, definitely the 1st of its kind! (think composer from Australia, electric guitarist from Philippines, gamelan musician from Indonesia, harpist from Italy and many more!)

Our first launch has been completely SOLD OUT, and now we’re rolling out our 4th launch! We’ll be launching 25 NFTs this time – a harp series, horn series, classical guitar series, vocals collection, electronic music collection, piano collection, and even a kalimba series.

Date: 14 Jan 2022
Time: 9PM GMT+8

Check out our project website if you wanna find out more.

Added January 25, 2022