The Afterlife

October 31, 2021

Company: The Afterlife

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The Afterlife is a collection of 7,777 algorithmically generated Reapers hunting souls on the Ethereum blockchain. The mint price is .0333 eth for everyone, no pricing tiers or “pay to reveal” fees. With 150+ traits, varying rarities, and the chance to pull any of the 7 special legendary reapers, each new Reaper minted is distinctly unique from the next.

All day long on October 31st we’ll be celebrating our launch. The small team of 2, Wraith and HumDrum, will be answering questions, hosting giveaways, and sharing the Halloween hype with our community. Our roadmap is posted in our Discord where we host regular ETH and NFT giveaways. You can read more about our future Breeding Game that will be available for free to our 666 whitelisted members, plans for a community pool, future holiday collections, NFT airdrops, physical merchandise freebies, and more!

Cross over into The Afterlife to really see what we’re all about. We hope you stay for an eternity.

Added October 30, 2021