The Blocks Genesis Mint

June 24, 2022

Company: The Blocks Genesis by Mr. Block

Price: .05 ETH

Supply: 3333

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The Blocks by Mr. Block NFT pays homage to an original cartoon character from the early 20th century that appeared in The Industrial Worker newspaper. This cartoon represented a disenfranchised union worker appearing with a rectangular-shaped, wooden-block head who often wore a smallish top hat and checkered shirt. He was the victim of setback after setback and was portrayed to be sympathetic to the common worker. In essence, he was a servant to “The Man.”

But times have changed! The Blocks represents both the Mr. and Mrs. Blocks of Web3 have a different mission and value system: we are champions of the common person and have evolved into the role as leader and educator in the world of crypto currency.

Introducing the Blocks

The Blocks is a 3,333 PFP collection for crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Unlike many NFT projects, The Blocks is built with a long-term community in mind — “Mr. Block.” Mr. Block is building a community-driven knowledge hub to educate, onboard and enable the blockchain ecosystem and next generation of crypto participants.

The Blocks NFT collection is the gateway mechanism for our user community with a robust and exciting roadmap! As a holder of The Blocks NFT, you’re joining a passionate community of education ambassadors for the blockchain ecosystem, ready to onboard and empower new participants into Web3 and Crypto.

The Blocks NFTs come with these benefits:

– Mr. Block Shwag: Through our partnership with OpenTee, every Blocks holder will have the opportunity to receive a custom-printed OpenTee of their exact NFT. Community members will also receive discounts and gift cards for Shop Mr. Block.
– Early access to new products and features, and eligibility for airdrops, staking, educational courses, and IRL events (conferences, community retreats).
– Whitelists, airdrops, educational partners, and more

Bonus Features:

– Minting an exclusive 1/1 NFT will entitle the recipient to an original, hand-drawn sketch by collection artist, Blockheady.

Team (Doxxed)

Artist Blockheady has been a brand design architect, graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist for nearly 20 years. He has worked with large commercial brands such as Clorox, Dow and Syngenta as well as a bevy of companies in the consumer packaged goods space with special respect to brands that promote healthy lifestyles (Burt’s Bees, Naternal CBD, Tribucha Kombucha, et al). His narrative is one that fits well with Mr. Block.

A relative newcomer into the world of cryptocurrency, he began to hear more and more about how NFTs could be beneficial to the artist and creative community and he began to investigate.

He first started listening to podcasts, reluctantly joining Twitter and finally attending the DCentral Miami conference in an effort to gain more knowledge on the subject.

It was there that he met up with the Mr. Block team and they quickly aligned on mission and vision. Now here he is — minting his first NFT project and working closely across the various Mr. Block channels.

Block_Heady on Twitter

Founder : Blockse
Former Web2 startup guy turned WAGMI, focused on building educational onramp solutions that drive participation in Web3. Passionate about crypto adoption and the convergence of new emerging technologies. JPEG flips by night — major supporter of various NFT Communities, including: Sappy Seals, BearX, and Lazy Lions

Co-founder: Rabs
Crypto-skeptic turned hobbyist, turned full-time professional, passionate about business-and-technical model evolutions

Anuj: Full Stack Dev
OG Ethereum/Web3 engineer with veteran NFT experience. Worked at ConsenSys, Datadog and Adaptive

J Dawg: Design & Tech Consultant
Ethereum OG building creative and intuitive Web3 apps for software companies and lifestyle brands.

Added June 17, 2022