The Captured Public Sale

October 30, 2021

Company: The Captured

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We want to create more than just NFTs. We want to make a difference in this world. Together!
Together we want to #ReleasetheCaptured!
How are we going to do that?

The Story behind “The Captured”

Well, we are going to create different NFT drops that display captured animals, which you are able to get. A certain time after every drop each Holder will have the possibility to get their freed creature for free (excl. gasfees). So you will get two NFTs for one. In the meantime we will donate to Animal Charities of your choice with the proceeds of our collection.

So you not only release your own creature, but you can also help the animals on our planet in real life with this project.

What does this mean for you as a holder?

As a holder of one of our NFTs you will benefit from a number of advantages, that no other NFT project on this world can offer you. Here is how it works…
You buy one of our NFTs. As a holder of the NFT, you will automatically receive a second NFT that cannot be purchased otherwise. Only holders can receive this NFT and then resell it – if they want so. This means the price of this NFT has no limits.

But this is not all. With every purchase of one of our NFT, the floor price of that particular NFT is raised. Holders thus have the opportunity to experience a strong increase in value.
Our NFT drops will also be available in limited numbers. Collectors will be in for a treat.
Finally, this project allows you to make a difference in this world. A big part of the proceeds will go to charities selected by the Community.

If you are an investor, collector or someone who just wants to make a difference on this planet, this is the right project for you without a doubt.

And these drops will get bigger and better. So what are you waiting for?
#ReleasetheCaptured and join our community!

The next drop is right around the corner.

How do you get the free NFT?

As a “The Captured” Holder you can get a free NFT as a gift.

But how does that work?

Well, every TheCaptured NFT represents a captured animal that needs to be freed. This is symbolically done by the released creature you get 7 days after the launch of the associated collection. The released animals are unique NFTs. This means that no released animal is the same as another. This gives the owner of those NFTs enormous resell value because it can’t be purchased otherwise and doesn’t exist twice.

Who gets a “Released” NFT?

Every first time buyer of The Captured NFT who holds it for 7 days after the launch of the associated collection has the opportunity to get a 1 of 1 released creature. It is completely free (except gas fees) and is based on the Ethereum blockchain.
The Released Creature serves as a reward for your support and the possibility to get more profit as a holder of a The Captured NFT.

Added October 27, 2021