The Cool Kidz NFT Drop

July 14, 2022

Company: The Cool Kidz

Price: 0.07 ETH

Supply: 8000

Source Link

We are The Cool Kidz, the world’s first NFT-powered street crew.

We transform the NFT power balance in favor of the buyer by making him the artist as well as the collector. The holder will not only be a member of the art collective but will help shape the way our IRL guerilla marketing action during a deep and meaningful art journey. As the holder learns and advances through the layers of our DAO he/she will discover both deeper meaning & hidden value embedded in the project from the start, all while gaining knowledge, power and wealth.

We are also the spirit of the nineties, of hip hop, of neo pop carried through to a Web3 tribe-like quest-based crew.

Opening the door to a new way new to create, perceive and evolve art itself is what NFTs have already started to do. To go further requires  a special blend of specialist skills and knowledge in art, guerilla marketing, and of course the NFT world. And it must be driven by a set of well-defined values. This combination will empower an ever-evolving group of decentralized actors from the ground up to an artistic tsunami. Together we are a mind-blowing idea predicted by Andy Warhol and made possible by us. We are an eternal non-fungible artist.

Added June 30, 2022