The Early Access MintPass

November 24, 2022

Company: Early Access

Price: 1 ETH

Supply: 5000


The highly anticipated Mintpass NFT collection represents a new wave in NFT technology. Not again a static collection of pictures, but a mint pass as the key that unlocks a world of future possibilities. The Early Access Mintpass is your ticket to all future EA artist releases, guaranteed access to our drops and exclusive access to our artists. For collectors of contemporary art. In addition to the Mintpass you gain access to an exclusive community.

Private Discord community: To become a member, one must possess the Early Access Mintpass. Membership includes access to our private Discord.

Exclusive high-end collections: We only work with the best in the space, for both as collabs and our own collections.

Exclusive whitelist spots for collabs: nft whitelisting is a tough process, we offer it to our Mintpass holders.

Early Access to Reliable projects & tokens: Within our team and advisory, opportunities come along that we like to share with our holders.

Added October 26, 2022