NFT Evening

The First World NFT Coin Collection

September 26, 2023

Company: Crypto Coins by Coin Master

Price: 0.03 ETH

Supply: 10000


Crypto Coins by Coin Master is pleased to announce the launch of the First World NFT Coin Collection.
We are launching something really unique.

Crypto Coins are a collection of 10,000 random-generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
You can be sure that you’re getting nothing short of the best in this event.

These digital collectibles are the merge of three worlds:
– NFTs
– Coin Collecting
– Cryptocurrencies

Each coin has many randomly generated components, secrets, and legends.

After the sale of 30% of the total volume, we begin the development of educational crypto games where any owner of our coins will be able to access the games for free and get a lot of bonuses.
After the release of our games, we will launch championships with the opportunity to win cash prizes. (P2E)
Owners of our NFTs will have the opportunity to play for free.


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Added August 29, 2023