The Great Six NFT Collection

April 3, 2022

Company: EnviroSwap


The Great Six are different species in this world, where their very existence is under threat. The extinction of these animals and insects could prove to be devastating for the planet since the food chain and ecosystem would be modified.

The Great Six NFT Collection
The Great Six NFT Collection
Image Credit: CoinMarketCap

When and where

Ths Great Six collection I’ll be running from April 03-10, 2022 on the Enviroswapdex marketplace. This project was created to bring awareness to the issues of animals and insects losing their habitats to climate change, hunting, and deforestation. Additionally, through this project, we will show the planet that humans can actively make a change. Furthermore, that is why we are aspiring on creating our own forest, where eventually wildlife will thrive, and habitats will be formed.

About The Great Six

The collection consists of 6000 NFTs, so 1000 unique NFTs of 6 different characters! The characters are a Polar Bear, whale, moose, as well as rhino, bee, and leopard.

Minting Price- 0.08 ETH
A forest will be planted and each holder is given a number of trees with unique tracking and geolocation
Additionally, Lottery for holders 3 times a week with a chance to win 1000USD each time

Creator: The Great Six
Marketplace: OpenSea
Blockchain: Ethereum

Added April 1, 2022