The Hatman NFT Mint Day

June 30, 2022

Company: The Hatman NFT

Price: 3 SOL

Supply: 999

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The first ever horror film and experienced influenced by NFT Holders. šŸ‘»šŸŽ¬

If you love horror and/or movie making, this is the project for you! Our collection will put our community in the directors chair to decide on many of the key plot points within the film and enjoy behind the scenes on preproduction, shooting, post and the entertainment business. Doxxed Creators and filmmakers from Netflix, HBO and Discovery.

Our unique digital and IRL community includes: Name in the credits as a Producer, a movie premiere, a terrifying IRL and Digital immersive experience, the opportunity to be cast and so much more!

šŸ—³ļø Vote on key plot points of the film such as cast, location, kills, and storyline
āœˆļø Get a chance to be CAST in the movie (all expenses paid)
šŸ”Ŗ Experience a live-action and digital 2 hour long horrifying experience based on the film
šŸŽ­ Attend an in-person world premiere of the film
šŸŽ¬ Credited as a PRODUCER in the film
šŸ“¼ Receive a digital download of the poster and film
šŸ’° The Hatman DAO will be established for holders to decide on the next steps for the Hatman World

Presale: 3
Mint: 3
Presale Date: June 30, 2022 4pm UTC
Public Date: June 30, 2022 10pm UTC

Stay Spooky!

Added June 20, 2022