The New Resistance Drop

November 7, 2021

Company: The New Resistance


Revolutionary blockchain mayhem. 10k killer NFTs

TNR is an exhilarating sidescrolling platform game, set in a futuristic, yet wholly believable city. Play as one of 10,000 unique and hand-drawn NFTs, earning coin through quests, battles and missions.

Revolution is the ultimate goal, to overthrow the establishment, exorcise all matters mundane and the unfair existence we live. To create a New World Order, you must join TNR and prepare to fight for the ultimate freedom.

We are bringing Evolution through Revolution.

What Makes TNR Different?

Believability, resonance and emotional intelligence.
The World in which we live is run by the establishment, who are anti cryptocurrency, and determined to keep hold of all influence and power. Indeed life is not so far removed from the fictional city of Krupt, where freedoms are limited, and power is in the hands of the few.

The gameplay will resonate with those that face discrimination and difficulty every day; those that struggle in the chains of the oppressive regimes which govern and control each and every element of their lives; those who simply wish to be “free” to live.

Incorporating recognisable struggles into a fictional gameplay scenario links real life to the release of a gameplay scenario. It recognises real struggle, empathises and allows, albeit for a short time, that true freedom we all crave.

Added October 21, 2021