The Riot | Cardano Convicts Drop

January 26, 2022

Company: Cardano Convicts


The Cardano Convicts are a collection of 2000 originally crafted NFTs launching on the Cardano blockchain. Our vision beyond the art is to provide a fun discord community for our “Inmates” – a place people can come to chat with friends, play some discord games, buy some cool art, and earn passive ADA.

In our discord, members can earn daily prison currency (“cigarettes”) by showing up, “reporting to work”, and playing games to earn more currency. The server offers a variety of games such as dice, roulette, “guess a number”, and more. As our members accumulate cigarettes, they can use them to shop in our Prison Commissary for a variety of items – yes – real items, such as ADA and NFTs. The more you accumulate, the more you can buy. This incentivizes people to be engaged and active within the Convicts community.

Our collection of NFTs will be divided into 4 “Prison Gangs”, and each NFT will have a gang tag embedded in the metadata. After mint, members will be able to join special hangout channels in our discord for their respective gangs. Each gang contains 4 different ranks and members will be able to accumulate ranks within a gang ,which will then unlock opportunities for them to take hostages. These hostages will be ultra-rare 1X NFTs that they will be airdropped as they qualify. Once the NFTs are in their possession, they will have the option to ransom the hostage back to the team for a fixed ADA price, or keep the hostage in hopes that the ransom amount will rise or they sell it for a higher price on the secondary market.

65 mints out of the total collection will include an ADA prize!

Added January 12, 2022