The Simpletons NFT Drop

November 5, 2021

Company: The Simpletons NFT

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The Story starts with
3000 randomly generated Simpletons that chill on the Ethereum blockchain
Each Simpleton is unique, some are rarer than others, but they all adopted the immutable lifestyle of being simple NFTs..

1️⃣ Phase #1

– Community building and whitelisting
– Grow the team
– Marketing begins

2️⃣ Phase #2

– Discord OG’s pre-sale
– Public Mint
– Rarity tools & rarity sniper listing

3️⃣ Phase #3

– Setup a DAO on for holders to vote on proposals
– Each Simpleton gets to claim companion or banner – it will be a community vote
– Innovate and build utility for the simpletons – staking, upgradable metadata etc..
– Marketing push

?️ Utilities ?️

➡️ DAO

You will be able to vote on proposals
The more simpletons you have the more your vote counts.

➡️ Staking mechanism and Utility token

Staking is when you put your Simpleton in a smart contract
By doing that you accumulate our utility token
Whenever you want you can unstake meaning you get your NFT back
And you claim your accumulated tokens to use them
Our utility token has no monetary value

➡️ Token utilities to be developed

Power up your Simpleton pfp with upgradable metadata
For example: change haircut style, clothing item, background etc..
We have other ideas that we don’t want to reveal yet ?

➡️ Exclusive access and perks

Upcoming collaborations with other projects and artists in the NFT space
And other ideas that we can deliver with the Simple Team

➡️ Exclusive Merch

Added November 6, 2021