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The SpaceBulls Drop

January 6, 2022

Company: The Space Bulls

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The mint for the upcoming SpaceBulls NFTs is shaping up to be one of the hottest drops of the new year! The highly sought-after 3D collectibles project launches through a raffle on January 6th at 2 pm EST. The raffle will happen between Thursday: 6th of January 2PM EST, and Friday: 7th of January 2AM EST. In that timeframe, you will be able to enter your Ethereum wallet address through MetaMask. To give everyone a fair chance, we let our software decide who will be able to mint. Come back to our website on friday to see if you are one of the lucky winners who will be able to mint. Minting starts 7th of January at 2PM EST!

SpaceBulls Promise of Royalties For Owners Is A Rare Utility
It’s important to note something that sets SpaceBulls apart from most, if not all current NFT projects. Namely, the fact that the team plans to implement a holders fund.

SpaceBulls Hits 190K+ Discord Members In Under a Month!
Despite launching earlier last month, the SpaceBulls NFT Discord has already pulled in over 190,000 members. Without a doubt, this is an impressive milestone for any NFT project.

Added December 10, 2021