The Trashers Free Mint

May 25, 2022

Company: The Trashers

Supply: 10000

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The Trashers are an NFT collection of 10k mutant blobs of radioactive waste infesting the Ethereum blockchain. With hundreds of attributes and features, they’re ready to leak into every alley of the Metaverse.

While researching the possibilities of using residues to create artificial life, an electric failure at the secret lab accidentally opened the barrels containing the experiment.

The specimens broke free in a radioactive waste leak, going straight into the Ethereum blockchain and producing 10k mutant blobs of trash ready to infest your wallet. With over 250 different attributes and several levels of rarity, the Trashers have escaped the reach of the recycling plant and are now ingrained in every alley of the Metaverse.


Added May 10, 2022