NFT Evening

The WANDERER: TrES-2b Jacket

September 7, 2023

Company: Mononoke Digital Fashion Lab Limited

Price: .03 ETH

Supply: 100


The WANDERER COLLECTION—SZN One is the second collection by Mononoke Digital Fashion Lab, a digital-first couture fashion company on a mission to create a more sustainable fashion business model. All Mononoke designs are created in 3D and produced IRL on demand.

The WANDERER is a collection that represents rediscovery and exploration, transporting the wearer on a trek through a unique futurist lens. Each look is meant to explore the wearer’s relationship with their surroundings – using design elements that signify protection and shelter – combined with elements of deconstruction and decay. These represent the balance between the strength and fragility of an explorer. This collection strives to transport the wearer to new limitless heights – to protect them and add strength through fashion – and to take them to uncharted territory.

There are a total of 12 digital outfits in the WANDERER Collection. The first look in the collection, the TrES-2b jacket, is an edition of 100, allowing more collectors to experience digital couture. Mononoke invites digital fashion enthusiasts to join our unique journey into the digital realm!

Added August 24, 2023