The7Club Phase 1 Mission

November 3, 2021

Company: the7club

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Thanks for keep paying attention to our project from Phase 1.

There will be another event apart from the event on 25th of Dec(Christmas).

If our Phase 1 EAP(Overall 1,110 Passes) are sold out

macbook pro – 10 people

ipad pro – 20 people

airpods pro – 30 people

*If you won, equivalent amount of UST will be send instead.

Every week you could get a giveaway if you hold EAP since the end of Phase 1 so we hope you don’t miss this chance.

Please let me know your e-mail address written on the Google form.

We are sincerely preparing a lot of events that you would like.

The size of events will vary depending on the number of participants so if you don’t mind, please help us spreading our project.

As a way of preserving the value of NFT, we manage a number of events.

We believe it is better to provide more giveaways rather than let the value of NFT decreases.

We expect weekly giveaway, which will be given from the Phase 1, will be a good way to preserve the value.

(benefits, that we promised already, won’t be changed as well)

Please help others to know the7club project is ongoing during the Phase 1.

More participants lead to more events and more stability.

– How to apply -Please complete the basic information form first and do the mission given on our web-site

– Date of result announcement -(05 NOV, 00:00 ~ 07 NOV, 00:00 UTC, e-mail)

D.A.O & Decentralized Game / Terra Protocol (LUNA)

1) Casual & Competitive Games
– ○△□Games+Olympic game concepts

2) Pride & Benefits Collectors
-Nft Rarity by Reward boosting & Surprise Gift

3) Sustainable & Reasonable Rewards
-Nationality 1st ~ 3rd Rewards & followed user n/1

Added November 2, 2021