Timmy the Tortoise Mint Day

June 30, 2022

Company: Timmy the Tortoise

Price: 2.2 SOL

Supply: 10000

Source Link

First 1,000 mints are free (excluding network fee)

Collection of 10,000 1/1 tragedies following a tortoise named Timmy as he experiences the highs and lows of modern times. Each NFT includes 4 photographs portraying Timmy striking it rich, losing those riches in unrelated fashion, suffering a personal loss, and meeting an inevitable conclusion.

“The Misfortunes of Timmy the Tortoise” is a voting NFT. Half of the mint proceeds will be deposited into a treasury/tokenized fund that holders will be able to propose/vote using their NFT on how it is spent. Holders will be able to swap their NFTs back to the vault in exchange for x/10000th value of treasury post-mint. Refer to website for more details.

Take on the bear market with Timmy 🙂

Added June 21, 2022