Tiny Colony | Virtual Land Sale

February 10, 2022

Company: Tiny Colony


Holders of Colony NFTs will be allowed voting and decision-making rights pertaining to certain Tiny Colony development and protocols. This will offer our users an influence on new feature proposals for Tiny Colony and have their voices heard. We believe this governance will help our users shape the future of Tiny Colony and have a system that works in favor of the majority.

Colony ownership in Tiny Colony comes with several benefits. In addition to governance, land ownership allows players to take part in rewards sharing within the Tinyverse. Specifically, landowners will be able to stake and earn from the Rewards Pool. The Rewards Pool will be replenished from transaction fees generated by the Marketplace (Tiny Bazaar). This is an important aspect of Tiny Colony’s “Play to Earn” model, providing Colony owners with a way to capitalize upon their role in the overall Tiny Colony ecosystem.

Added January 20, 2022