TOTE Founders Edition Mint

December 24, 2021

Company: The Tale Of The Elves

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TOTE is a lore and community based project bringing tools to our TOTE Club members and strengthening the NFT community by bringing investors and creatives even closer to support each other in our Club departments. You can also follow along our lore and story behind TOTE as we work on our comic book. Holding one of our NFTs will make you a member of our club.

In the TOTE Club we are focusing on making stronger connections between investors and creatives. We will have multiple departments: Art, Metaverse, Gaming, Music and many more. Each department will have a head in charge of making things run smoothly. TOTE Club members will also benefit from a member exclusive service. We will be generating your submitted Elves as animated characters which can be used as rigs on video streams for creatives. More details regarding this will be announced once the TOTE Club opens up.

Added December 24, 2021