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Tripping Cats NFT Launch

January 15, 2022

Company: Tripping Cats NFT

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The Tripping Cats NFT collection is a psychedelic jungle of creative expressions! The strength of the cats and their incredible colors are created through experiments with paints, pixels & possibilities.

Drawing on inspiration from the art of Suminagashi and Ebru, the Tripping Cats collection is more than great art and NFTs, it’s also your portal into the Metaverse where your Tripping Cats adventures have just begun.
Tripping Cats NFTs are created using a creative combination of paint and canvas, mixed with digital art and algorithms. As an owner of one of these fantastic felines you get to draw from the strength and character of these powerful cats.

Your Tripping Cat NFT is so much more than the image you see, they are your portal into a fantasy world that blends art, music and sensory experience.

Each Tripping Cat NFT will include a short description/bio and the following bonuses:

High-Resolution Image to Print, make profile pic and display on wall (virtual or physical)!

3D Model Rendering for Each Tripping Cat NFT, digital avatar that can eventually live in Metaverse environments

Digital Art & Design Masterclass with Artist Joan Barbosa taking you behind-the-scenes of his creative process while building the Tripping Cats collection.

Added December 31, 2021