Undead Dolphins Mint Date

May 28, 2022

Company: Undead Dolphins

Price: 1 SOL

Supply: 3333

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3,333 Undead Dolphins haunting the Seas of Solana. Undead Dolphins is a 3.333 collection of Dolphins haunting the Solana Blockchain. Undead Dolphins are being swept up by big WAVES 🌊 coming in, pulling Undead Dolphins from the floor onto the BEACH 🏖. Beached Undead Dolphins will be delisted to raise the floor for our diamond hands! 💎

Late 2022 our P2E Undead Dolphins game will launch, accessible only by our Undead Dolphins hodlers, where high-scores are rewarded with Beached Undead Dolphins! 🤩

Launching May 28, 6PM UTC.

Phase 1, Birth – Undead Dolphin community launches: a secret community for degen alpha insights, whitelists and knowledge sharing. It’s nice to be nice! 🧠

Phase 2, Deflate – We’ll start buying and delisting floor Undead Dolphins on a recurring basis, and pull them ashore! 🏖‍ This will decrease the amount of Undead Dolphins in circulation, causing scarcity to increase and floor to rise!

Phase 3, Merch – Undead Dolphins merch drop! All Dolphin Holders get early access and discount to our Undead Dolphin merch drop. 🐬

Phase 4, Play – Undead Dolphins P2E game V1 launches, offering hodlers the opportunity to win beached Undead Dolphins. 🕹 On an ongoing basis, high-scoring and easter-egg-chasing players will be rewarded with NFT’s from the beach!

Phase 5, DAO – Undead Dolphins DAO – We’ll start a DAO with our diamond hands that have stuck with us. You decide the DAO’s mission! Invest for the communities’ benefit? Buy and burn more Undead Dolphins? 👀

Undead Dolphins is the brainchild of a squad of three. One marketing leader with a 10+ year background in global brand marketing now leading a marketing squad in a blockchain startup, one community and growth expert with experience in multiple A+ NFT-projects, and a superstar NFT designer.

To keep us sane and on the right track, we’re getting consultancy & support from a Trillionaire Thug. Our friends at Novalaunch are making sure technology is safe, secure and waterproof!

Added March 31, 2022