Unicorn Wonderland Drop

August 14, 2022

Company: Unicorn Wonderland

Price: 0.05 ETH

Supply: 8888


Drawing on the core values of Unicorns, leverage NFTs and web3.0 to create new connections and promote artistic values. We plan to merge art, culture, and community to create a magical place that pushes the existing boundaries between the virtual and real world.

The owner of UniPass can enjoy #NFTUtility, including automatic access to all Unicorn NFT utility, #Airdrop for obtaining famous Astists’s Physical/ digital art-piece, #Airdrop Unicorn NFT, art exhibition entry, special discount offer, 3D version of UniPass NFT (3D version) or more trendy collectibles, You’ll be a unique and privileged member in the Wonderland. Join & Being Unicorn!

Added August 15, 2022