United Aliens NFT Drop

November 2, 2021

Company: United Aliens

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United Aliens is an NFT project of uniquely designed NFT Aliens created from over 1,300 Layers on the Solana blockchain with a Mint of 3,333 at a price of 0,5 SOL. The project is being undertaken in conjunction with Magic Eden, who have invited United Aliens to be the first NFT project – ever – to benefit from their new Minting technology. The NFT we will use a majority of the royalties to buy and burn Aliens, allowing holders to create their own personalized Alien in our upcoming Generation 2 series. As an engaging, not-just-for-profit NFT, we will integrate holders into our common DAO by expanding the United Aliens universe, and therefore also its community, via animated series, merchandising, and real-world promotion to underwrite the United Aliens project as one built to last for the long run.

Added October 30, 2021