Universe v2 Pre-sale & Public Sale

December 11, 2021

Company: eWorld Labs Ltd

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End of 2021. During a cataclysm, all planets disappeared from the Universe except the Sun, and two new planets were formed: Onerion and Zerotia, inhabited by different colonies of robots, each one having unique characteristics which are passed on through fusion. Every three months, Onerion and Zerotia concurrently become aligned with the Sun causing a cosmic tunnel to open up in space. Onerions and Zerotians travel along the tunnel to fight in the New Universe!

Collection of 9,998 unique robots divided into 2 planets. Pick your side, fuse your robots and battle against the other side. Earn rewards for winning!

Pre-sale whitelist starts on 4th December 2021 at 12 PM UTC. Those who register for pre-sale will be given a free 3D model of their NFT which they can use as their avatar in a 3D world to roam around, interact with each other and eventually battle. Stay tuned for more info!

Added December 6, 2021