Vaquita Club Public Mint

July 31, 2022

Company: Vaquita Club

Price: 0.05 ETH

Supply: 10000

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Vaquita Club is an NFT Collection that seeks to raise awareness about the problems that threaten the biodiversity of our planet. Our goal is to protect each of the species that inhabit it. You can contribute to the cause by adopting one of the 10,000 unique Vaquitas.

Together we can reach the goal and donate 350 ETH to Sea Shepherd an organization with an active campaign to save The Vaquita, Fridays For Future an international climate movement and World Wildlife Fund world’s leading conservation organization.

In addition to supporting a noble cause, from the beginning Vaquita Club was designed as a Long Term Project and in each phase there are rewards and benefits for Vaquita Club NFT Hodlers.

Added July 1, 2022