Verse Warriors Mint

August 13, 2022

Company: Verse Warriors

Price: 0.01 ETH

Supply: 3000


Verse Warriors is a collection of 3,000 unique NFT warriors from 3 different factions who are locked in an eternal battle for the Verse!
Verse Warriors represents a community driven NFT game like never before seen.
Containing a massive open world and free-to-roam map where players will be able to decide their own and their factions fate.
Season based reward system for season winning factions.

• 3,000 NFT’s Supply
• Many vibrant and diverse traits
• Ethereum Smart Contract ERC-721A (DEPLOYED)
• Large, free-to-roam open world and rewarded battle for the Verse
• Community based actions and diplomacy in a truly decentralised Verse
• Season based Warrior Injuries
• Season based faction pool earnings

Verse Warriors has 3 unique factions all with their own unique look, starting location and advantages.

Each faction has its own unique starting location where your character/s can spawn. From there you are able to venture out and
take lands for your faction.

Each faction has approximately 1000 Warriors (balanced by stats) and each warrior has 4 unique combat stats based on what
equipment and armour they spawn with.

Characters spawning with certain weapons and traits will have higher attack while other traits and armours will promote higher defence.

Some rare traits can have a massive impact on character stats.

The Verse is a huge playable map and players have complete freedom to move their Warriors anywhere.
Factions will be in constant struggle to claim and conquer land, some will be injured or die and some will rise to be Legendary Verse Warriors.

The Verse War features a massive open world map where Verse Warriors can roam freely either in packs (friends) or alone.

Each faction will be rewarded based on how much land each faction has occupied and what resource points the faction currently controls.

There are 6 spawn points on the map of which 3 are initially occupied by the factions. If a faction does not control a spawn point they will
not be able to receive additional reinforcements (from returning injured Verse Warriors) and may eventually die out.

There are a number of conditions for a faction to win the Verse War Season 1
A. Wipe out the other 2 factions
B. Have the highest score at the end of the season

Once the season has finished the remaining faction Warriors who are alive will be rewarded based on their “contribution”.

Contribution will be calculated based on how many tiles or resource points they have occupied and battles
they have participated in.

Added July 8, 2022