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VeVe Drops Batman: Black & White – Series 6

April 9, 2022

Company: DC Comics

VeVe Batman Black White Series 6 NFts
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Batman: Black & White series returns on the VeVe App! The new collection drops on Saturday, April 9 at 8:0AM PT, exclusively on the app-based NFT Marketplace.

The Batman: Black & White line proves that two colors and one character can inspire almost two decades worth of collectibles. VeVe is giving fans a chance to collect the full collection of Batman: Black & White statues in premium digital format.

VeVe Exclusive – Batman: Black & White (Series 6)

Batman: Black &White – Series 6 features an exciting mix of amazing DC artists. It combines the classic and powerful pose of Jim Lee’s version and the intriguing and dynamic design by Kenneth Rocafort.

Here are the NFTs up for grabs:

  • Jim Lee’s version has the well-earned distinction of appearing in the Batman Black and white line three times! This iconic statue has also been set up in the city of Burbank (the current home of DC Comics) as a full-size bronze statue! VeVe is dropping 16,800 editions with common rarities for $40 each.
  • Meanwhile, Doug Mahnke’s Batman is a gravity-defying statue that features Batman in mid-leap with his grapnel launcher at the ready. The Batman: Black & White line wouldn’t be complete without this statue, which showcases Doug Mahnke’s extensive work on Batman from the early 2000s. 12800 NFTs with uncommon rarities will be up for grabs for $50 each.
  • Then, Kenneth Rocafort’s Batman gives off a nightmarish fright. This digital statue showcases an entirely new look for the dark knight, including a serrated cape, skeletal feet and a vampiric bat symbol. Veve will only release 6800 rare NFTs for $60.
  • Lastly,  Brazilian comic book artist and writer Rafael Grampá’s statue features incredible details. Armed with an epic Batarang and framed by a massive sweeping cape, Batman has never been more intimidating! 3800 ultra-rare NFTs will hit the market for $90.

As with other digital collectibles, a 6% licensor fee will be applied to all DC sales in the secondary market. This is in addition to VeVe’s existing 2.5% secondary market fee.

Added April 9, 2022