Wagmi Runes Presale

October 30, 2021

Company: Wagmi Runes

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Fight for what’s yours. Wagmi Runes is a utility-based NFT game on Solana Blockchain that lets you take 6,800 genesis characters and put them into arena to start fightin’

We believe in the future of blockchain and its potential in reconstructing both games and games industry, which is one of the reasons why we develop Wagmi Runes. We want to keep the vision from the very beginning, which is making all parts of the game decentralized. In addition, we would love to bring a unique story in NFT World that you might have never seen in a blockchain game or a traditional game

Our mission at the Wagmi Runes team is to create a fully immersive NFT platform where anyone can build, share, and monetize their creations. The decentralized metaverse should be owned by its users, and only they should govern its future development. To make this vision possible, we are building game and tools to empower people to create their own experiences.

Added October 28, 2021