Wench 2043 Reboot

August 6, 2022

Company: Wench 2043

Price: 0.0069 ETH

Supply: 2043

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If you are tired of Apes, Punks, and Pixels, I would like to introduce you to a new and refreshing NFT collection called Wench 2043. Wench 2043 is the story of Oksana Bayaux, the daughter of Wench 2020, Roksana Bayaux, who was killed giving birth during the Swedish War of Aggression. She is a horrifically beautiful woman who lives in troubling times of a post apocalyptic world in the year 2043 where there is chaos and destruction, yet she is full of life and hope. Wench 2043 is a unique collection of 2,043 unique, hand-made NFTs on the Ethereum block chain with a fully optimized contract that costs $1-2 gas for up to 20 at a time. Clone your’s now before it’s too late.

Added August 5, 2022