‘When a Visionary Dreams’ NFT Collection Drop

July 1, 2022

Company: When a Visionary Dreams NFT Residency Collection

Price: 200 USD\/USDC

Supply: 51


‘When a Visionary Dreams’ is the first NFT collection from MAMIMU, a London-based Japanese artist on a mission to spread optimism. Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s quote, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”, the radiant collection aims to create a space — neither for apes nor cats — for calmness, clarity, and quiet empowerment within.

The collection was created during her NFT Residency at Voice, a carbon-neutral inclusive platform for creators. The viewers are invited to embrace their introspective world with MAMIMU’s tender and hypnotic moving images. The artist carefully crafted the joyful visual with motion and sound.

‘Quiet Empowerment’ has a beautiful sphere that is slowly growing and contracting. This motion is matched with peaceful music that has a slow meditative rhythm. You will soon be breathing in and out calmly with this relaxing piece.

‘Impossible Possibilities’ with a Penrose Triangle defies the world of impossibilities with happy snappy sound as the lights from three directions playfully move around.

The mesmerising ‘Sublime Rising’ has the track with 65 BPM (beats per minute), the same rhythm of a resting heart rate. The artist created the ascending motion after she learned that neuroscientists believe upward movement invokes growth and positivity in our brain.

‘Infinite Joy’ invites happy thoughts such as ‘What if the sunshine never goes away’ and indeed as long as you have this piece, the sun stays with you.

‘Perpetual Bliss’ depicts the blissful feeling of being with someone you love, like a chic couple dancing in playful steps, together and happy forever.

“I hope the collection inspires the audience to find something they didn’t know existed within them.” says MAMIMU. “I have really enjoyed creating this collection. I hope all of the joy and positive emotions I felt in the making can reach the audience.”

The carbon neutral NFTs come with unlockable contents: “When a Visionary Dreams” themed phone wallpapers and profile pictures with which you can choose from ‘Visionary’, ‘Optimist’ and ‘Dreamer’.

Added June 30, 2022